Our sister company Caliber Roofing Services handles all our roofing work. We don’t get as much rain in Arizona as the do on the East Coast, but what Arizona has is monsoons. These storms come through and cause damage to roofs across the state. The summer sun also wreaks havoc on roofing material as well. The last thing you want is to come into your home to get away from the storm and look up and see that there is water coming through your ceiling. We will be there to help you get the damage fixed and roof repaired quickly so you can get back to your life.


We see tile roofing all over Arizona. The tile is usually pretty durable. Where you have problems is when the underlayment barrier between the tile and the plywood wears out. Once this happens, it can cause your roof to leak which will damage everything below your roof. Sometimes during our monsoon season, the wind gets bad enough to lift the tiles on your roof exposing the underlayment and plywood causing leaking. We can also get hail at times that can do damage to tile roofing. This is pretty infrequent as tile roofing is a lot more durable to hail than other types of roofing material.


This type of roofing material has a life of between 15-30 years. Hail and wind can cause major damage to this type of roofing and we will see insurance claims covering the costs to replace this type of roofing very frequent. High winds will also blow off shingles causing leaking inside your home. Keep an eye on your roof for missing shingles.


This type of roofing you will see more on commercial spaces. But it is making a comeback residential homes and cabins. We see this most commonly on barns or shop.


This is a wood shingle roof. This style of roofing was most commonly used on residential homes in the 70’s and early 80’s. This type of roofing has a life of around 25 years. These types of roof wear out over time in AZ due to the sun cooking the shingles. Many times when it comes time to change this roofing material, the homeowner will change it for a different type of roofing material like tile or asphalt.


This roofing material is most common on commercial or flat roofs. This is a great roofing material that typically lasts 10-12 years. It allows the owner of the property to spray foam over existing roofing material to seal it from leaking.

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