Sadly, every day across Arizona people suffer the loss of their home or business to a flood or fire. This can be a devastating time in your life because of the loss of your personal belongings and sentimental treasures. It can also be extremely difficult to know where to begin especially how to work with your insurance company so that your home and lives can be put back together as quick as possible. The owners of Arizona Elite Builders have worked with hundreds of homeowners across Arizona to make the process easy.

Chandler Arizona Garage Fire

Our client had an outlet catch on fire in their garage. He was lucky in that he was home and smelt the smoke quickly and was able to call the fire department who arrived on site in short time to put the fire out. It did do lots of damage in his garage and required that the whole garage be rebuilt.

Fires can start in many different places in a home, but a very common place for a fire is in a garage. With vehicles, and work equipment plugged into outlets there are constantly places where a fire can start. Always keep an eye on the things you have plugged into outlets in your garages and home to make sure the connection is good and nothing is over working the outlet.

Queen Creek Garage Fire

This garage fire came at a horrible time. Our client has owned the home for less than a year. It was a new built home, but on Halloween, the garage caught on fire. Fire department had to cut holes in the wall to get to the fire. The fire hose came through the front door to the garage. Even though the fire was contained to the garage, the smoke damage on the interior of the home cause our clients to have to move out of the home. We have been pushing to get the home done for them in order to quickly move them back in. This will be a new home for them all over again.

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