Additions are a great way to add value to your home. With Arizona Elite Builders you can add value and get the square feet that you need. Many of our clients that are adding on love their home and neighborhood, but have outgrown their current home. Adding on will allow you to be able to stay in your home and make it the home that you need.

Gilbert Arizona Garage Addition

Arizona Elite Builders works with many clients that need more garage space. We are here to help! Adding a detached garage or a garage connected to you home is a great way to get the space you need. This garage is one of a kind. Due to the setbacks of the property, our client could only go out 16 feet from their home. We got creative and decided to make the interior ceiling 14 feet tall. This is allowing our client to add a car lift so that they can park 2 vehicles in this garage.

In addition to the garage addition, the client didn’t like the dated turret on the front of their home. In the new plans, this turret is GONE! The new look is more of a modern country with the beams across the front, changing the walkway entrance and adding tongue and groove under the eves.

The stucco on this home is a course stucco. We will be changing the stucco for the whole home to a smooth finish and repainting once done. This home will look amazingly different once we are done.

Gilbert Arizona Addition and Remodel

North Mesa Arizona Addition

This Mesa Arizona Home had a flat roof system that our client didn’t care for. If you have a home with a flat roof there is hope! We were able to change the entire look of this home and give our client a home that they could be proud of. Take a look at what your home could look like if you changed the roof of your flat roof home.

Mesa Arizona Gazebo Build

Adding an outdoor entertaining space will really transform your yard. This Mesa Arizona Gazebo was a fantastic accent to an amazing pool. We work with landscapers and pool companies across the valley to build our clients many different types of shade covers. If you are in need of mixing things up in your back yard, give us a call. We can help you with a gazebo, Ramada, patio or detached garage.

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